Training by Tori

 About Tori


I am a crossfit coach and personal trainer in Tampa, FL. I got into fitness in high school when, after a few years in a bad relationship that left me unhappy, unsure, and overweight, I made the decision to lose weight and get healthy. Through exercise and changing my eating habits I was able to lose about 40 pounds and gain the self esteem that I had been missing for so long.


I ran cross country in college at Transylvania University in Kentucky, where I earned my degree in Exercise Science and started my career as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Since then, my passion for fitness has continued to grow. I have continued my education through strength & conditioning internships,workshops, certifications, and online resources. I am getting ready to starting my master's degree in exercise science and nutrition as well.


I currently work as a personal trainer at Harbour Island Athletic Club and as a crossfit coach at Crossfit 813. I would consider crossfit my number one passion and am striving everyday to be a better coach and competitor in this area. I am also a pescatarian but I follow a IIFYM type of diet. I am currently looking to take on new clients both online and in person so email me today for more information.