Training by Tori

Victoria Elrod


Individual Sessions

Partner/Group Training

Gym Affiliations

Work one on one with me to develop and carry out your personalized plan to achieve your goals. Sessions are sold in packages of 8, 12 & 24 sessions.

Sign up with a friend or a group of friends to make training more fun and to keep each other accountable

Intro to Olympic Lifting Package

Whether you are brand new to the olympic lifts or you already have a working knowledge of them, this 6 session package will break down the snatch and the clean & jerk into their most basic parts. You will also learn drills and exercises for improving the differnt parts of the lifts as well as teh full movement

Online Programming

If you are not local to Tampa, or you would just rather do the work on your own, online programming is for you. Programs are written in 6 week cycles and are structured based on individual goals.


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